HENT is a project developer and contractor with Nordic recruitment field

– solid, attractive and innovative


HENT has its headquarters in Trondheim, with branch offices in Oslo, Bergen,  Ålesund, Bodø, Hønefoss and Horten, and a subsidiary in Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Malmö.


HENT’s annual turnover in 2016 shows that we continue having a positive growth. By 2016, new heights were reached with a turnover of NOK 7.5 billion, compared to a budget of 6 billion, an increase of around 42% from 2015. Profit before tax was NOK 233.5 million, which is an increase of about 22% from 2015. We are pleased with the turnover and profit for 2016. In addition, we had an order backlog of NOK 8.9 billion at 31.12.2016 compared to NOK 8.7 billion at the end of 2015.


HENT has developed a concept for interaction in the construction industry. The concept is developed on the background of the demands of modern enterprises and projects. The collaboration model is called “HENT TOTAL VALUE” and has increased interaction and openness in all phases as the main goal.


With continuous growth and ever-increasing order backlog, HENT is now looking for skilled and experienced project managers, experienced construction and project managers, as well as HSE managers to several of the country’s largest cities where we are undertaking extensive and demanding projects.